THE YASS METHOD is now offering its first certification course for medical practitioners or fitness professionals: come one come all!

Due to the thousands of requests from people all over the country, Canada and even in the UK seeking medical practitioners who are certified to practice the Yass method, we are providing our first certification class. The class will take place in St. Augustine, Florida. The class will be a 5 day program running June 12th -16th, Monday- Friday. The program is very in depth spanning all aspects of the theoretical and practical elements of the Yass method. This will 1- include a discussion about the existing medical model of diagnosing the cause of pain versus the Yass method of interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress emitting the symptoms being experienced, 2- a discussion of the Yass theory on why pain exists, 3- a presentation of how the techniques used in the method are performed, their value and how they are all interwoven to achieve a correct diagnosis,4- if the cause is found to be muscular, how to determine which muscles are involved,5- a discussion and presentation of how stretching and massage can maximize the force capacity of muscle, 6- a presentation of how to perform all exercises needed to achieve resolution of symptoms and return to full functional capacity 7- a discussion about how exercise routines should be designed including how often, how many, how much time in between, how to get the right resistance.

By the end of the week each participant should have a core understanding of how to determine if the cause of symptoms is muscular or structural and if muscular have the capacity to resolve the symptoms fully and return to patient to full functional capacity.

If you have a medical background such as a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, primary care physician, integrative medical practitioner and you feel that your educational background and training has not fully prepared you to effectively diagnose and treat the cause of pain or other symptoms, this is a great opportunity to up your game. For fitness professionals, this is a great chance to get a better understanding of how the body works and how muscles work together leading to function. There will be a strong aspect of the program relating to the neurological aspects of muscle innervation and how muscles can impact nerves to incite neurological symptoms so a brush on a basic neurology might be of benefit.

My hope is to develop practitioners worldwide all with the same goal of provided the optimum care for those desperately seeking answers to their chronic pain which in so many cases has destroyed lives. I want to end the splintered set up of the existing establishment which simply trains specialists in portions of what may be the cause of symptoms. If we are all to be able to resolve the cause of everybody’s symptoms then we must be educated in understanding all possible causes including bone, muscle and nerve and understand how the body presents it’s symptoms to understand which tissue is eliciting the symptoms being experienced. Once certified, the intent is to create a database on my website and every certified person’s website of the names, locations and contact information so those seeking the Yass method have wide spread access to getting it. I want all that become certified to become a community as I want all that benefit from the Yass method to become a community. For those who become certified, this is not only an opportunity to achieved a heightened understanding of how to diagnose and treat symptoms, it is chance to become part of a community that will lead to those seeking the Yass method to obtain treatment in your facilities.

After the release of my PBS special, The Pain Prescription, people nationally and even in Canada were getting their first look at the Yass method. The release of my second book, The Pain Cure Rx brought more people here and abroad in countries like England, Australia and India to find out about this unique approach. Now as a contributing writer for the world renowned magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You which is sold in 20 countries and translated into 14 languages, my opportunity to reach a very large audience is coming to fruition. I now have come to the realization that I need to join with other practitioners to have them help me utilize the method and reach as many people as possible so they can see that chronic pain does not have to be a life sentence. We can end the use of morphine pumps, spine stimulators, prescription pain medication, burning and severing nerves and worst of all, telling people they will simply have to live with chronic pain.

If you are interested in possibly enrolling in the certification program, I would appreciate it if you email me at my address, Please provide your name, phone number, email address and state or country you work in so we can see where people are coming from. As more details come together we will contact you so firm decisions can be made.  If you are reading this email and you are suffering with chronic pain and see this as an opportunity for a medical practitioner you are seeing to gain an improved understanding of how to treat you, please pass this along to them.

Best wishes to all,

Dr Yass


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