Check out this month’s issue (June)  of Natural Awakenings Magazine. The Yass method is highlighted as being a key method to addressing the cause of chronic pain. It is always thrilling to me when somebody finds the Yass method and sees its value as the only true method to properly address chronic pain. The mere existence of chronic pain indicates that the cause is not being identified properly.

If pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and that tissue is the one eliciting the very symptoms you are experiencing, then the key to identifying the tissue is the ability to interpret the symptoms. This premise has been completely dismantled by the use of the MRI. The structural variations found such as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, mensical tears, pinched nerves and the alike were all present well before your pain began. The scam is set up so that the first MRI which identifies these structural abnormalities is always take when you have your symptoms. It allows the false narrative to be created that since the structural variation is found while you have your symptoms, the symptoms must be from the structural variation. The sickest part of this fallacy is that when interpreting the symptoms being experienced through the Yass method, it is overwhelmingly obvious that the structural variations identified could never be create these symptoms. You are being fed a lie by people who are programmed through the existing medical system to accept what they are taught simply because they were taught it. It is truly a case of the blind leading the blind.

How many of you will have to go through surgeries and end up with the same symptoms and then when you ask the surgeon how this can be, they simply say they don’t know. How many of you will have to end up addicted to prescription pain medication? How many of you will have the prospect of life long chronic pain regardless of how many practitioners you see and how many procedures you get? You have to see that the system as a whole is void of any logical understanding. It is no different then when boring holes in people’s heads to resolve headaches was the most advanced practice or lobotomies to address emotional issues.

Chronic pain is nothing more then misdiagnosed acute pain. Chronic pain should not exist and did not exist other then for people with systemic progressive diseases before the medical establishment starting diagnosing and treating through the use of the MRI. Only you have the power to end your chronic pain. This can only happen when you open your eyes up to what is real and what makes sense. The Yass method is that method and understands pain through the body’s presentation of symptoms which is what is being presented by the tissue in distress. In more then 95 to 98% of cases, the cause is muscular. The MRI cannot identify these causes and no medical specialty is educated or trained to identify them. Cease this opportunity to resolve your pain and reclaim your life.

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