The Yass Method Back In Manhattan In September

I am bringing the Yass method back to Manhattan to give people in the Northeast a chance to get their pain resolved and their function returned. I will treating from September 25th thru 29th, Monday thru Friday. I stay and treat at the Hilton Grand Central at 304 E. 42nd Street (42nd and 2nd Ave). The sessions are one on one and run for two hours long. The sessions run from 9 am to 9 pm each day. This is part of my one week per month program I started a few months back. Manhattan is the perfect location to treat because there is access from 4 states that make the opportunity for more people to obtain the Yass method, the only method designed to identify the cause of the symptoms being experienced by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms. Last month I had somebody come from Connecticut and somebody from Pennsylvania. These are people who are clearly frustrated and frantic to find an answer to why they are still having pain after seeing so many medical specialist for so long and spending so much money. These are people just like you who are simply looking for the answer to how to end your symptoms so you can return to a full functional lifestyle with happiness and fulfillment no hopelessness and depression.

The Yass method is completely different from the existing medical system because regardless of which medical specialist you see as long as the primary method that identifies the cause of your pain is the MRI you have a 90% chance of being misdiagnosed. The structural variations found on the MRI such as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears, compression fractures and others are slow and progressive in nature. They take years if not decades to develop. The fact that these structural variations are identified for the first time while having symptoms is the scam used to assert that the structural variation is the cause of your symptoms. The reality is that if the MRI were taken a year before your symptoms began, the results would be identical to when you are having your symptoms. The idea that structural variations are the cause of your symptoms baseless. As many people with absolutely no pain have the same structural variations in almost the same percentages at those with pain. Clearly from a scientific perspective the correlation between structural variations and pain is 0. Then you can look at the symptoms being experienced and the fact is that the types of symptoms people experience in almost every case I have treated could never have been created by the structural variation identified as the cause. Then there is the fact that muscular causes can’t be identified by the MRI. So if a muscle strains and elicits a symptom it won’t show up. If a muscle strains and causes another muscle to compensate and strain eliciting a symptom it won’t show up. If a muscle causes a misalignment of joint surfaces of a joint the muscles attach to causing joint pain it won’t show up. The muscle can refer symptoms through trigger points in the muscle and this won’t show up. A muscle can strain and impinge on a nerve and the nerve can refer a symptom, this won’t show up. These types of muscular causes account for 95 to 98% of cases of symptoms. And yet not one of these will ever show up on a diagnostic test and there is medical specialty educated or trained to identify them.

On the Yass method is capable of identifying all possible causes of symptoms. It is based on the principle of the body that a tissue in distress elicits a set of symptoms to create conscious awareness of the distress of that tissue so a proper intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue. Once the distress is resolved, the tissue no longer has to emit the signal of distress and the symptoms cease. Understanding the presentation of symptoms is the only way to identify the tissue in distress. This understanding is unique to the Yass method. Once a muscular cause is identified then an ability to identify which muscles are associated with the symptoms. This can be achieved through the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms. Once the right muscles are identified, an understanding of how to perform the correct type of exercise is needed. This includes the ability to isolate the weakened or imbalance muscle as well as an understanding of how to utilize progressive resistance causing the muscles to get stronger by adapting to greater resistances thereby making the muscle stronger until it can perform all functional activities without straining. This is simply not understood by any medical specialty including physical therapy and chiropractic. If you have been told that Yoga is the answer, Pilates, bicycling, walking, water aerobics or any other form of activity, it will not resolve a muscular deficit. Only isolating the weakened or imbalance muscles with targeting progressive resistance strength training will correct the equation where the force requirement of your activities is greater than the force output of your muscles. This is the core of the Yass method.

If you would like to make an appointment or have further questions you can contact me at my email address: If you are not in the Northeast and still want to get the Yass method to end your symptoms and reclaim your life, my office is in St. Augustine, Florida where I take in-person visits. Or you can get a Skype computer evaluation and treatment if traveling just is too difficult. If you want more information about the Yass method, you can go to my website at There is great content on my Facebook page at Dr. Mitchell Yass or the Youtube page Dr. Mitchell Yass. My books The Pain Cure Rx and Overpower Pain are available on I hope everybody suffering with chronic pain finds their way to the Yass method. It truly is your only path to identifying the correct tissue eliciting your symptoms. For almost everybody the cause of your symptoms is outside the medical system understanding and this is why you continue to sustain your symptoms. You have to make sense of this yourself and choose a new path.


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