The MRI will go the way of the lobotomy for mental health issues and boring holes in people’s skulls for headaches! Here’s why!

Throughout history technologies come and go. At the time they are instituted, they seem to make sense and have validity. Then time moves on and evidence paints a different picture from what was thought at the time of the advent of the technology. Classic examples of this are the use of the lobotomy to address mental health issues and boring holes in people’s skulls to address headaches. Clearly at the time, this was thought to be cutting edge. The people who initiated their use and those that used it in the medical establishment were not bad people. They were not evil people. They believed that what they were doing was going to help their patients and felt that these techniques were major advancements in medical technology at that time.

Fast forward to today. The MRI has been in practice for over 30 years. It is considered the gold standard of diagnosing the cause of pain around the world. Most medical practitioners in the establishment continue to endorse it as the primary and most effective way to identify the cause of pain. Here’s the facts about the technology: the test is always taken when the person is in pain. Therefore the identification of the structural variation found like a herniated disc or stenosis seems to be able to be correlated as the cause of pain. What you may not know are multiple studies show that if an MRI is taken of somebody with absolutely no pain, the very same findings are identified in almost the exact same percentages. Studies have shown that there is no correlation between the severity of the structural variation and the intensity of pain experienced reinforcing the lack of validity between any relationship of structural variations and pain. A major study performed by the American College of Physicians in 2007 identified that in more than 85% of people with back pain, the pain cannot be associated with a structural variation like a herniated disc or stenosis. Treatment of these structural variations has led to the creation of the diagnosis of “failed back surgery syndrome” and 22 million people now addicted to prescription pain medication.

All those who created this technology or use it are not bad people. They believe they have created an advancement in how pain is addressed. But just like the lobotomy or boring holes, the evidence is so overwhelming of its failure, it truly is time for this technology to become obsolete!

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