The missing ingredient to resolving your pain is STRENGTH!

You are a captive of the existing medical model when seeking a remedy to your pain. It adheres to a false and invalid premise that MRIs can identify the cause of your pain. Every bit of evidence proves this to be false. You don’t have to look futher than your friends or family to see the remains of failed back surgeries and joint replacements. 22 million Americans who are addicted to prescription pain medication will tell you of its failings.

The Yass method is different. It achieves a diagnosis  through the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms; this is exactly how the body was designed to work. If you want to know why after all the treatments, all the medications and all the medical practitioners you’re still in pain; there is only one possible answer; the wrong tissue has been treated. If pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and a procedure is performed to a tissue and pain still exists it clearly indicates the wrong tissue has been treated.

In 95 to 98% of cases the cause of pain is muscle. Muscle deficits not only create symptoms but lead to dysfunction. Muscular causes cannot show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated to identify these causes. Only the Yass method through it’s diagnostic process can identify all potential causes of pain.

If you know someone in pain please share  this video with them. You literally can change someone’s life. If you know a medical practitioner that is interested in understanding the cause of their patients pain, please share this video with them as well. Together we can change the system and replace the failed existing model with the Yass method.

I have treated patients from 6 to 102 using  the Yass method incorporating targeted strength training as the path to pain resolution and full return of function. The time has come for you to end your pain quickly and effectively. What are you waiting for? (, email:

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