I would like to thank all those who contacted me regarding my welfare in relation to being in the path of Hurricane Irma. It is really comforting to be acknowledged by family members in times of distress. But to be contacted by so many existing and former patients displaying concern for me is very humbling and satisfying. I have spent the last quarter of a century trying to provide a path to pain-free fully functional quality of life for so many. I believe I have been given a gift of thinking in a unique way about how things work and how to solve problems. It turns out that my unique understanding ends up addressing the biggest health issue affecting more people than any other worldwide. It is rare that I would ever find myself in a situation of distress. But I guess nature likes to spread the wealth when it comes to extreme types of natural disasters. I did what I always do in cases of addressing a problem. I established the safest and most effective method to overcome the situation. We evacuated to an area where there was a much higher probability that the structure we stayed in would be able to sustain the conditions and hopefully sustain electricity. In both cases, it turned out I was right. We stayed there for two days and today we were able to get home to find that there was no major damage to our home or property. Just a lot of mess to clean up.

It will take just a couple of days to get things in order and then it is back to business as far as I am concerned. It is time to get back to helping those in need to resolve their symptoms and reclaim their lives. The medical systems baseless use of the MRI to identify the cause of pain can definitely be seen like a hurricane or tornado in its indiscriminate ability to sustain pain for those suffering. Acute pain becomes chronic pain for one reason. The tissue in distress emitting the symptoms being experienced is not identified correctly at the inception of entering the medical system. The wrong tissue is identified by the MRI. Herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, mensical tears, compression fractures and the alike existed for years if not decades before the symptoms being experienced began. If an MRI was taken a year before the symptoms began the results would be identical to when the symptoms exist. The wrong tissue is identified and all treatments that follow are invalid and can never resolve the cause of the symptoms. This includes the millions of unnecessary surgeries to the neck, back, hip, knee and shoulder. If a treatment is performed and the symptoms experienced before the treatment continue after the treatment there is no alternative but to accept that the wrong tissue was treated. Once you get to the point where you are being given prescription pain medication or any other medication, cortisone shots, epidural nerve blocks or radiofrequency ablations, this is the medical systems indication that they no longer are trying to identify the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced. They are not entering the phase where they will simply try to mask the symptoms. This means that they are now willing to sustain the cause of your symptoms indefinitely so chronic pain will be terminal. There is no question reaching this point and understanding the reality of unending pain can lead people to hopelessness, depression and frustration.

You can take the right steps to address this medical hurricane just as I took steps to address the weather related hurricane. I recognized the threat before me and took the right steps to avert the threat. You can do the same thing. You need to end your belief that being seen by a different specialist will somehow lead you to properly identify the tissue eliciting your symptoms. You can avert this hurricane by taking the most appropriate action; get the Yass method to properly identify the cause of your symptoms. The Yass method uses a unique approach which is to interpret the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced. Each type of tissue elicits very specific symptoms. These can include muscle, nerve or bone. In over a quarter of a century of treating the issue of pain, I have proven that in over 95 to 98% of cases, the cause is muscular. These types of causes cannot show up on MRIs nor is there any medical specialist educated or trained to identify these causes. If the cause is found to be muscular, then the right muscles must be identified. Once identified the right type of treatment must be performed to elongate the affected muscles to their optimal lengths so they can adapt to the prescribed exercises. Only targeted progressive resistance exercises can isolate the weakened or imbalance muscles and strengthen them to the point where the force output of the muscles is greater then the force requirement of the activities being performed. This is why bicycling, walking, treadmills, Pilates, physical therapy, yoga, aquatic exercise and any other form of activity cannot resolve your pain. No isolation of muscle and no progressive resistance to cause the muscles to get stronger. This is unique to the Yass method.

You have a variety of options to get the Yass method. You can get an in person treatment in my office in St. Augustine, Florida. One week a month I treat in Manhattan, New York trying to give those in the Northeast a chance to get the Yass method in person. This month I am in Manhattan the week of September 25th thru 29th. I stay at the Hilton Grand Central at 42nd and 2nd Ave. If you would like to make an appointment for in person treatment or have questions, please contact me by email at drmitch@mitchellyass.com. I also perform Skype computer evaluations and treatments for those who feel traveling is simply not an option. These can be scheduled usually within a week of the time contact is made. Also contact me by email for appointments or questions at drmitch@mitchellyass.com.

For more information about the Yass method you can go to my website at www.mitchellyass.com. For free content about a multitude of issues I discuss you can go to Dr. Mitchell Yass on Youtube or Facebook. My books Overpower Pain and The Pain Cure Rx are available for purchase through Amazon.com.

Again thank you to all those who were looking out for me during a trying time. Now let me help you get through your trying time once and for all.