You should need no clearer example of why you need to leave the medical system and get the Yass method to resolve your pain!

This is a response to somebody that was commenting about a review of my book, The Pain Cure Rx on Amazon. I am sure for many that read the information I provide about the value and effectiveness of the Yass method, they think this may be just another snake oil salesman. They assume that it must be too good to be true and that the idea of resolving your pain in just weeks or months after having it for years is impossible. I was actually flawed when I saw this post because this is a person who simply used my book. I never talked to this person nor met them. I certainly never treated them. They used the information in my book that is a representation of exactly how I perform the Yass method in diagnosing the cause of pain and when found to be muscular determine which muscles are involved in creating the symptoms. Then the appropriate exercises are provided and an explanation of how to use progressive resistance strength training is included.
I am sure that there are millions of you out there regardless of where you are in the world in the exact situation that this person found themselves. I can provide the exact pathway for you to diagnose the tissue eliciting your pain and when muscular (which it is in 95 to 98% of cases) provide you the exercises to resolve the symptoms and even show you how to perform them. But you have to make the decision and realize that you have no chance of identifying the cause of your symptoms by seeking guidance or direction from anybody in the medical field. If the cause is muscular, it cannot be identified by diagnostic test nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. You need to look to the Yass method, the only method designed to identify the cause of pain, meaning the tissue in distress emitting the symptoms being experienced by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms. Diagnostic tests are baseless. Any individual using these tests as the primary method of diagnosing the cause of your symptoms is literally inhibiting you from getting the right diagnosis.
This is a sad tale in only one respect. This person found out about the Yass method in 2015. I have been practicing this method since 1993. Don’t wait another day living in chronic pain simply because you think the only path to getting help is the medical system. Get the Yass method now. If you know somebody in pain who has become frustrated, disillusioned or hopeless, share this post with them.
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F.C.S.9 days ago In reply to an earlier post
YOU SAID: “I am still seeking some exercise that doesn’t aggravate mine.” Dr. Yass states that exact same ‘point’ over & over & over in this Book! You simply don’t do ANYTHING that results in more Pain! Don’t base your Health Decisions on SOMEONE ELSE’S Book Review! People who ARE REALLY serious about ending their Pain will read scores of Books until they find the right one for them. I know what I’m talking about: I had Chronic INTRACTABLE Back & Knee pain for over 20 years! I ‘did & tried’ EVERYTHING!! I spent $65K DOING ALL that. I ended-up taking 600 Dilaudids/Month at the end, because EVERYTHING I tried left me in Pain! I became an Expert in Pain and ended up working with Dr. Forest Tennant, the Pioneer in the High Dose Opioid protocol & 5 other Non-drug cutting Edge therapies/protocols for Intractable pain! He is the V.A.’s paid Instructor who teaches VA Doctors how to treat Pain!!. My Best Friend is an LPT with 17 years of professional Experience! I was here patient, too, for 11 years, with no lasting results. After I saw Dr. Yass on PBS 2 years ago, I realized everything He said was true, all his Protocol based in Hard Science! I wasn’t able to use my arms for 22 years, due to my Intractable, 24/7/365, #9 Pain! . TWO MONTHS AFTER I started his SEVEN Routines, MY PAIN VANISHED!!! DON’T be a dope. Buy the book, do the things applicable to YOUR Pain, and You will be Blown away!! Dr. Yass is the Copernicus in the Pain Field!! [Sorry for my TYPOS, but I can’t spend my valuable PAIN FREE time on writing perfectly for one person.] I hope you go with Copernicus

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