new beginnings

This is your last chance to get the only real method to properly diagnose and treat your pain in Manhattan in February. I will be in Manhattan the week of February 19th thru 23rd, Monday thru Friday. Each session is 2 hours long and is performed on a one-on-one basis. The hours that are available run from 9 am to 9 pm so there should be a time that works for everybody. Each session will consist of an evaluation to confirm whether the cause of the pain is muscular in nature. If confirmed treatment will be performed including massage and stretching. Then a targeted progressive resistance strength training routine will be demonstrated and performed by you. The goal of the treatment is to get the muscles involved in performing your daily activities to develop enough strength to where the force output of the muscles is greater than the force requirements of the activities being performed. It is lack of strength or balance of muscles that leads the muscles to strain and emit pain. I have proven that in more than 95% of cases of pain, the cause is muscular and only through the use of progressive resistance strength training can the cause be resolved and the need to emit pain ended.

Chronic pain should never exist. If a tissue goes into distress, then it emits pain at the inception of distress of the tissue as a way of creating awareness of the distress. If the proper tissue is identified and treated during this “acute” phase then the need to elicit the pain signal is ended during the acute phase of pain. Clearly with this understanding the only reason for chronic pain is that a misdiagnosis has occurred and the wrong tissue is being treated. This can be accounted for by the use of the MRI as the primary mechanism for diagnosing the cause of pain. It is designed to find structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis and meniscal tears. When they are identified at the time you are having pain it is asserted that the structural variation is the cause of the pain. This is lunacy because clearly the structural variation did not begin at the time the pain began which would have to be the case for the structural variation to be the tissue in distress emitting the pain. So you are treated for a tissue that is not in distress and that is why the distress in distress continues to be in distress and continues to emit the distress signal of pain. The tissue that is most often in distress is muscle and muscular deficits do not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. So muscular causes of pain are literally off the table when trying to get a proper diagnosis. If the tissue eliciting your pain is a muscle, it will never be identified and chronic pain is assured.

The Yass method interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to properly identify the tissue in distress. All tissues including muscle can be identified through this process. If you are tired of being in chronic pain and are looking for a new and more logical approach, the only method to get the right answer is the Yass Method. Being confused and hopeless about your circumstance is completely understandable. This is your chance to end these emotions and get the right diagnosis and the right treatment so you can reclaim your life.

To make an appointment for treatment or for further questions, please contact me at my email address: If you can’t be seen in Manhattan, my office is in St. Augustine, Florida. If you can’t make it to either location, I can perform a Skype computer evaluation and treatment. How ever you get it, just get the Yass Method and turn your life around.