Just because a herniated disc or stenosis is found at the time you have pain does not mean it hasn’t existed for years or decades!

Look at the way the medical establishment diagnoses the cause of your pain and you can see why it is completely baseless. The MRI is always performed when you are in pain. That is because you have no reason to get an MRI other than when you are in pain. The test is taken and to everybody’s surprise structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears, compression fractures, “bone on bone” are all identified. Suddenly you are confronted with the fact that there are structural variations inside of you at the time you are having pain. The medical practitioner now convinces you that since these variations were found when you are in pain they are the cause of your pain. The culturally created premise that the mere identification of these variations requires an intervention be performed to make them no longer be varied and you have the making of a surgery just waiting to be performed.

The problem is that there is a major flaw in this process. The fact that the test is always taken when the person is in pain and the structure is identified creates the illusion that the structural variation just developed at the time the pain began. This is how the premise that the structural variation is the cause of the pain can be asserted. Because what if the structural variation existed for months or years before you had pain and then it was identified while you are in pain. How can the assertion be made that something that existed before you were in pain is now causing pain? The reality is that you will not be given the chance to prove this to be the case because nobody is going to pay about $2000 just to prove a theory. But a logical analysis will guarantee this is the fact. Let’s say that you have had pain for 2 weeks and now seek medical treatment. You get the MRI and it finds a structural variation. Again the implication is that it just developed in the last 2 weeks because that is how long you have been having pain. If an MRI were to have been taken 2 weeks and a day or 2 weeks and a month or 2 weeks and 6 months prior, no structural variation would have been identified. This falls in the realm of insane. I hope that there is no medical practitioner that would assert that arthritis, a herniated disc, a pinched nerve or stenosis simply develops in just 2 weeks. These are slow, progressive deteriorative processes that take years and decades to develop. So the cold hard reality is that they were there way before 2 weeks ago when your pain began. So if you knew that these structural variations existed before you had pain, how can you possibly accept that they are causing your pain? You can’t and you shouldn’t. You need to divorce yourself from this process simply because it is baseless. Think long and hard about the idea of getting a surgery for a structural variation that was there years before you had pain and in fact did not have pain during its existence. What possible logic is there in doing this? With a failure rate of over 70% with back surgeries isn’t this enough evidence to explain the phenomenon?

You have one chance to properly identify the cause of your pain and that is the Yass Method. It sits completely outside the existing medical model and promotes the premise of abolishing the MRI as the primary method of diagnosing the cause of pain. It works by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms. This is exactly the way the body wants a tissue in distress to be identified. One a tissue is in distress it elicits certain symptoms to create conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue. An intervention is performed and the distress resolved, the body no longer needs to elicit the protective distress signal and the symptoms simply cease. If you get a treatment or procedure and you still have the same if not greater pain, you must come to the conclusion that the wrong tissue was treated. This is why chronic pain exists; misdiagnosed acute pain. If you are getting procedures to mask your symptoms such as epidural nerve blocks, cortisone shots, radiofrequency ablation (burning nerves) or rhizotomy (severing nerves), you must recognize that any chance to properly identify the cause of the symptoms has been withdrawn and only attempts to mask the symptoms is in process. This means the cause will never be addressed and the pain process will continue indefinitely! Its time for you to resolve your pain, regain your functional capacity and reclaim your life! Its time to get the Yass method!

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