January locations to get the Yass method and end your pain now!

As discussed in previous posts, I plan to be in Texas the week of January 16-20, Monday thru Friday. I will stay in both Dallas and Houston during the week. I am adding a trip to south Florida in Fort Lauderdale the following week of January 23-27. The goal of the trips is to treat patients and to provide lectures to medical facilities in the area interested in learning about the Yass method and how it can be implemented to treat their patients. So far their seems to be a good amount of interested in the Texas trip but few people have actually made appointments. If you are interested in getting treated or having a lecture performed, please contact my wife Lisa at her email address: treesoflife904@gmail.com. I am trying to make the Yass method as readily available as possible. This is why I am trying to go around the country each month. Most people who have been treated by the existing model of diagnosing through the use of MRIs have found the system to be a miserable failure. Most have the same if not greater pain after being treated. This can simply be explained by the fact that the wrong tissue was treated. MRIs find structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears, compression fractures and the like. These structural variations existed long before the pain began and if the MRI was taken a day, a month or a few months before the pain began, the same structural variations would have been found. There is in fact no correlation between positive MRI finding and pain just as there is no correlation between positive MRI findings and height or hair color.

The Yass method identifies the cause of your pain by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms just as the body wants it to be done. It can identify all possible tissues that can elicit pain including muscular causes. The MRI cannot identify muscular causes. So if you have a back muscle in spasm causing pain and an MRI finds a herniated disc or stenosis, you will forever be treated for the herniated or stenosis. It shouldn’t be confusing with this example why all treatments and procedures regardless of the specialist you seen does nothing to resolve your pain. And pain management is suggested that is the medical establishments way of saying they give up and will no longer try to identify the tissue eliciting your pain so masking the pain is the only option.
You owe it to yourself to get a complete evaluation through the Yass method to determine what is causing your pain so the right tissue can be treated. Don’t let this chance go by. Without identifying the right cause, endless treatments and procedures will certainly be suggested with no chance of ending your pain. It is critical to understand that if a diagnosis is provided indicated a tissue is causing your symptoms and a procedure is performed to that tissue and your pain persists after the procedure, clearly the wrong tissue has been treated. If this is something you have experienced already, worse off more than just once, you need to see the reality before you. You have to make the decisions about what path you will take. I realize it is easy to go down the path that everybody else is following. But when that path leads to such horrific results as can be seen, the time must come for you to be strong and try another path.

Learn more about the Yass method at my website, www.mitchellyass.com or email me with questions at drmitch@mitchellyass.com. I am looking to reach as many people as possible to provide them with the understanding how the body wants the right diagnosis to be achieved and if the cause is muscular which is has been found to be in 95-98% of cases, then the proper mechanism of targeted progressive resistance exercise can be performed to end the symptoms and return you to full functional capacity. For these trips to be achievable, I need a patient load of 8-10 people or lecture stops per location. This is why, if you truly are seeking care or interested in having a lecture at your facility in either Dallas or Houston during the week of January 16-20 or in Fort Lauderdale, the week of January 23-27, I would greatly appreciate you contacting my wife Lisa at her email address treesoflife904@gmail.com in the shortest period of time so we can make arrangements including accommodations and air-fare for the trips.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon and move you on your way to a pain-free, fully functional life!

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