First the baseless MRI and now resolve your pain in your head; this is complete NONSENSE!

For over 3 decades you have been convinced to believe that the MRI in finding structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis and arthritis at the time you have pain means that these abnormalities are causing your pain. The fact is that these structural variations take years or decades to develop and if an MRI were taken a day, a week, a month or a year before you had pain, the same exact result would be been identified on the MRI. The assertion that just because the structural variation is found at the time you had pain means it is causing pain is preposterous. As if the structural variation only developed at the time the pain was experienced.  So if you had pain for 2 weeks before getting an MRI, two weeks and one day ago a herniated disc, stenosis or arthritis wasn’t there but simply appeared when the pain began is nothing less than insane. I would hope that there is not one singular medical practitioner attempting to assert this idea.

So you get treated based on this baseless idea and you still have pain if not greater pain after; you and about 130 million adult Americans and roughly 1 billion people worldwide. So the medical establishment is perplexed by this result because they are working under the impression that in fact they are identifying the cause of the pain based on the findings of MRIs. So after decades of leaving people suffering in chronic pain, a new thought has come to mind. In fact, their answer is that it is in your mind. Your body is no longer eliciting pain due to a stimulus from a tissue in distress. It is simply shooting off pain signals for no apparent reason. With every bit of evidence indicating that the MRI is completely baseless including theoretical, clinical and scientific evidence, the medical body has decided on this as the explanation why nobody is getting better with their treatment. So the answer to resolving your pain is to alter how you respond to the pain signals in your head. Books are being written on the subject. New magical lines of practices are sprouting up. And who is in the line of fire desperate for anyway to have their pain resolved; YOU!

As the creator of the Yass method, the only method I am aware of that is pushing for the abolishment of the MRI as the primary mechanism to identify the cause of pain and utilizes the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify which tissue is in distress and eliciting the symptoms being experienced, I feel my job is to educate and enlighten you so you can make the best decision about how to be treated for this plague known as chronic pain. You first need to recognize that the body elicits pain for a reason. It is part of the body’s defense mechanism designed to keep you safe. If a tissue is in distress and unable to function, it wants the brain to know so an action can be taken to resolve the distress of the tissue and function is restored. I would hope anybody who reads this would agree that this is exactly how the body works. It is the interpretation of the symptoms that the body is presenting that is at the core of the Yass method. Where the MRI cannot identify all tissues that can elicit symptoms due to distress, the Yass method can.

So let’s say you are having a heart attack and you have pain at the left chest and arm, if you were to accept this new paradigm that says that you should resolve pain in the head because that is where it is experienced, you would do whatever was necessary to try to prevent yourself from experiencing the pain at the left chest and arm. In doing so you would be trying to prevent your brain from acknowledging the body’s primary mechanism for creating awareness that you are having a heart attack. In taking this new approach, you would be basically signing your death sentence by ignoring the body’s help signal to save your life. This is actually highly disconcerting that this type of obvious nonsense can be put into the public domain so it can be presented to the lay person for consumption.

The reality is completely clear that the use of the MRI is keeping people in pain and without accepting this as baseless and looking to the Yass method as the gold standard of diagnosing the cause of pain just as the body wants it to be done, this premise that since pain is experienced in the brain so it should be treated there is the latest joke perpetrated by a failed and flawed medical establishment. You must realize that chronic pain is something you, a loved one, a coworker or friend is experiencing. The folks that promote this types of treatments with absolutely no validity go home at night to their families and friends. You have to live with the pain. So I am asking you to stop and think about how you want to be treated. The Yass method is completely outside the medical establishment. It is solidly based on more than two decades of use with thousands incorporating the highest levels of theoretical, clinical and scientific understanding. It is time for you to resolve your pain, regain your functional capacity and reclaim your life. It is time to get the Yass method! Share this with somebody in chronic pain!                                   email:

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