Final arrangements have been made for my trip to San Francisco next week! Hooray!

I am so happy to let you know that my arrangements have now been made and are set. I will be in San Francisco from Monday, November 14th to Friday, November 18th to treat people interested in utilizing the Yass method to resolve their symptoms and return to a fully functional lifestyle. There is simply no question that the Yass method is the only method that utilizes anĀ interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms plus basic physical tests to properly identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms. This is in stark contrast to the existing medical model of utilizing MRIs as the gold standard in identifying the cause of the symptoms.

Overwhelming evidence makes it clear that the structural variations found on diagnostic tests like MRIs can be found in as many people without pain as with pain in roughly the same percentages. It has also been found that in at least 85% of cases of people with back pain, the pain could not be attributed to a spinal abnormality like a herniated disc or stenosis. Most importantly, muscular causes of pain can never show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical practitioner educated to properly diagnosis these causes. So simply put if you have a lower back muscle in spasm causing your lower back pain and an MRI finds a herniated disc or stenosis, the back muscle in spasm will not be identified therefore not treated while the falsely identified stenosis or herniated will be identified and treated. This goes along with the medical establishment premise that simply because a structural variation is found, it automatically requires treatment.

One point I would make to all of you being told you need surgery due to the identification of stenosis, arthritis, herniated discs, pinched nerves or mensical tears. The MRI was created in the 1980’s. Now that these structural variations are identified, the medical establishment will have you believe that they require surgery because they were identified. My question to you is what about the history of man before the 1980s when the MRI did not exist and these structural variations could not be identified. Is their premise that these structural variations did not exist before the MRI and that is why nobody required treatment for them? Or is the true reality that all of these abnormalities existed and did not create pain as they don’t do now and that is why nobody required treatment then or now? If you want to protect yourself you have to become an advocate for yourself and that means making sense of what is put in front of you by those that seek to provide treatment. How come total hip replacements and knee replacements are performed on everybody who comes in with pain based on the idea that everybody is bone on bone? Is the implication that prior to the last ten or fifteen years nobody was bone on bone and that is why people didn’t even conceive of requiring these surgeries? Or is that nobody is really bone on bone and this is a convenient way to convince a person that a joint replacement is an necessary evil. And if these surgeries are so required and the true answer to resolving people’s pain, why is the failure rate for these surgeries so absurdly high? How come everybody knows somebody with a failed surgery? How come the medical establishment had to create the diagnosis of “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for these failings? Why did it require that pain management be instituted shortly after the meteoric rise in back and joint replacement surgery became in vogue?

I am contacted by people everyday from around the country and the world with the same complaints. They say that they had pain. They sought treatment which often included some type of surgery and they are now in more pain with less function. If this is your situation, please take solace in knowing you are not alone. Not only are you not alone, you are part of the world’s population that has been manipulated by multiple decades of misinformation regarding the validity of the MRI to identify the cause of your pain. The evidence is so overwhelmingly clear that this is a completely invalid positionĀ I am saddened and surprised that the process of treating based on this premise continues and the numbers of those who are in pain continues to rise.

You have to make a decision about your care. You can continue to sustain the path created by the medical establishment even though all attempts by them continue to lack any results in resolving your symptoms or returning you to full functional capacity. Or you can choose the one alternative, The Yass Method. It is the only method designed to interpret the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms; the very same approach that was in position before the MRI was introduced. You can make an appointment to see me when I am in San Francisco next week or in Los Angeles in December by contacting my wife Lisa at her email address; You can come to my office in St Augustine, Florida or schedule a Skype computer evaluation. You can purchase one of my books or go to my Facebook page or YouTube page or SoundCloud page to get free content regarding how to properly differentiate how to properly identify whether the cause of the pain is structural or muscular. The good news is that in more than 95% of cases, the cause is muscular and targeted progressive resistance exercise can be provided through the Yass method to resolve the symptoms and return you to a full functional capacity.

The ball is now in your court. For more information go to or email me at

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