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The medical system continues to fail miserably when it come to addressing pain. More than 1 billion people suffer worldwide. Living with chronic pain is culturally accepted. Becoming addicted to prescription pain killers is part of life. Failed surgeries that do nothing to resolve the cause of the pain but the surgeon getting paid regardless is an everyday occurrence. Society now accepts these as the norm. Up is down, in is out and bad is okay. Looking in from the outside it is completely staggering to me.

What I see but you don’t is that once you enter the medical system to have your pain addressed, failure is almost guaranteed. The MRI is a baseless method for identifying the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced. It is based on a child like form of logic known as correlative theory. It states that if pain is experienced anywhere in the body and an MRI finds a structural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis, pinched nerve or arthritis, this must be the cause of the pain. Here is an example of a similar correlation. You open up your front door ever time the sun rises and now you can say you make the sun rise by opening up the front door. This is complete insanity just as the correlation between structural variations and pain is. The fact the structural variation existed well before the pain began and would have been seen if an MRI werre performed even years for the pain began is neglected. The fact that as many people with no pain can be found to have the same structural variations in the same percentages negating the correlation is neglected. The fact that the pain in its location being experienced could never be created by the structural variation is neglected. All of these facts have proven that in more than 98% of cases i have treated the structural variation identified could never have caused the symptoms being experienced. The worst part of it is the fact the symptoms clearly indicated that the cause was muscular which could never show up on an MRI and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify them.

There is no wonder that as long as you seek a resolution to your pain or other symptoms within the medical system you will not obtain a favorable outcome. It doesn’t matter which medial specialist you seek an answer. Each has a splintered and isolated understanding of a specific tissue or system. Therefore you must be placed with a diagnosis that fits into the tissue or system. If the cause is outside of that, you will clearly be misdiagnosed. Misdiagnosis leads to baseless treatment. The distress in distress emitting your symptoms continues to remain in distress emitting the symptoms. Misdiagnosis=Chronic Pain, period.

If you can associate your pain to a functional activity or task, your pain is muscular. Sitting and then standing up with back pain is from a shortened muscle pulling on its attachment to the spine. Pain with shoulder muscle can be from a strained muscle. if full range of motion can be achieved by you raising the arm with your other hand, you just proved the cause is muscular. Pain at the knee with kneeling, walking or climbing stairs is almost always a muscular deficit leading to misalignment of the joint surfaces making them rub in appropriately causing pain. Even pain at the underside of the heel comes from a strained hip muscle causing improper weight bearing through the foot causing the plantar fascia to strain and emit pain. All of these causes will go undetected indefinitely if you choose any medical specialty to diagnose the cause of your pain. The medical system is a fee for service basis. You show up for treatment or surgery whether it is successful or fails the practitioner gets paid. You would except this is you got burnt food at a restaurant or from a mechanic that didn’t fix your car. The system is actually set up to promote failure because that keeps you in the system and keeps you paying. Medial care should be short term and then it is up to the person to maintain their health. If the cause of pain is muscular, the Yass Method works in the absolute shortest period of time to provide the person the understanding of how to resolve their symptoms and maintain their strength so they have control over their life without requiring any further treatment or paying through their nose.

Get the Yass Method and get the right diagnosis. In more than 98% of cases the cause is muscular. Performing the correct progressive resistive exercises is the only path to a pain-free full functional lifestyle. Treatment can be received either in-person or by Skype. For more information, you can contact me at See more about the Yass Method at my Youtube channel Dr. Mitchell Yass or on Facebook at The Yass Method.

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