Coming to a city near you in 2017

Starting in January, 2017, I hope to visit a new city across the country every month. The goal of the one week stays is to treat patients and to lecture to medical facilities in the city who are interested in learning about the extraordinary ability of the Yass method to properly diagnose and treat chronic pain. These could be physical therapy facilities, chiropractic offices, massage therapy facilities or even primary care physician offices. Beyond simply treating patients, it is time to build relationships with other medical practitioners so the Yass method can be enacted for as wide a patient load as possible.

The January trip will take place between the 16 th-20th, Monday – Friday. I would like to start the year in Texas as I have received tremendous feedback from cities like Dallas and Houston. If you are seeking an opportunity to be treated by the Yass method and live in either Dallas or Houston or live close enough in proximity to these cities to attend treatment there and would like to make an appointment, please contact my wife Lisa at her email address: If you belong to a medical facility or organization and would be interested in receiving a 1-2 hour lecture and you are located within the vicinity of Dallas or Houston, please contact my wife Lisa as well to make arrangements.

I want to make 2017 the year that sees the Yass method begin to supercede the existing and completely invalid method of diagnosing the cause of pain by diagnostic test, especially the MRI. Through treating patients across the nation and building relationships with medical facilities passionately interested in seeing their patient’s symptoms resolved and full function returned, this dream can become a reality.

There is so much more to come this year. My first on-line course will be released for the lay person to fully entrenched their understanding in how to properly interpret pain to correctly identify the tissue eliciting the pain through the Yass method. A series of exercise videos will be released which will provide a thorough understanding of how to perform the correct exercise for each muscle needed to resolve specific symptoms and achieve full function. Discussions of the anatomy of each muscle, which joint it relates to and how it moves that joint, where pain could be experienced if the muscle were to strain and finally an opportunity to perform the exercise in conjunction with a model performing it and me providing pointers of the dos and don’ts of the techniques will be included in each video. The videos will show how to perform the exercises in a gym setting or at home with resostance bands/tubes including how to set up the bands/tubes for each exercise. I am confident there has never been a more thorough set of exercise videos presented for use by the lay person. I will also have the first class for certification in the Yass method of medical practitioners in 2017. This will be a 3-5 day class setting with opportunities to work on hands-on techniques in massage, muscle testing, postural evaluations, functional evaluations, differential diagnoatics and more. As more information is developed, I will make it known.

Please spread the word to those you love that are suffering with chronic pain that there is an alternative to the insane irrational medical model of diagnosing and treating pain through the use of diagnoatic tests like MRIs. 22 million Americans are addicted to prescription pain medications. More then a third of the American population suffers from chronic pain. This can all end now if people look to the Yass method, the only method that interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms and rejects the use of diagnostic tests as the primary means of diagnosing the cause of pain. Let medical practitioners know that they can implement this method to accurately identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced. All possible tissues can be identified including muscle which accounts for    95 to 98% of cases. Muscle causes do not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty designed to identify them.

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