Being asked for a quote in Men’s Health Magazine is a good sign your message is getting heard!



It felt fantastic to be asked to provide a quote for the January/February issue of Men’s Health Magazine. It says to me that my message and my method are getting heard. It is recognition that all the hard work and dedication I am providing is reaching places that are not so easy to get to. I hope it acts as a catalyst for those who see the article to seek farther and find out more about why the Yass method must be seen as the only logical method to properly diagnose the cause of symptoms. The symptoms are very specific to specific tissues in distress and being able to interpret the symptoms is the key to properly identifying the tissue in distress that is eliciting the symptoms so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue and end the symptoms. The MRI completely fails to achieve this goal because it simply identifies structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis or arthritis and assumes that since these structural variations are identified while pain is being experienced then they must be the cause of the pain. This has been proven to be completely invalid as see in studies showing more than 905 of people over the age of 60 with no back pain have bulging or degenerative discs or more than 85% of people with lower back pain cannot have their pain attributed to spinal abnormalities like herniated discs or stenosis.

You need to learn more about the Yass method and this can be accomplished by going to my website at, my youtube channel at dr mitchell yass or facebook page; dr mitchell yass. Just get the information and see why it makes so much sense versus the existing medical model that has left 130 million Americans in chronic pain and 22 million addicted to prescription pain medication.

if you would like to email me for more information, do so at It’s time to end your pain and reclaim your life back!

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