Most people suffering from chronic pain become disillusioned with the existing medical model of diagnosing the cause of pain through MRIs because the cause is never properly identified, the pain continues to worsen and major aspects of life become affected. Your ability to keep a job. Relationships with spouses, children and friends can all be affected. Depression can easily find its way in. Hopelessness is a common feeling. Addiction to prescription pain medication is just one pill away. The important thing to understand is that you are not alone and that you are right to feel this way.

Pain started when a tissue signaled that distress had developed in its ability to perform its functional responsibility. This is the primary reason pain is experienced. The purpose of the pain is to create conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue so an intervention can be created to address the distress of the tissue. Once the distress of the tissue is resolved, there is no longer a need for the pain signal to be elicited and it simply ceases. THAT IS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK!

Then you enter the medical system trying to seek care for your pain. A medical practitioner requests an MRI and a structural variations is identified like a herniated disc, stenosis or arthritis. This becomes the diagnosis by which all treatments follow. The problem is that in more than 95% of cases, these structural variations are not causing the symptoms being experienced. They are independent to the symptoms and were there before the symptoms began and after they are gone. The treatments are invalid and unnecessary leading to sustained pain which in most cases increases as time progresses. This is the primary reason chronic pain exists.

Get the Yass method! Get the right diagnosis on the first evaluation. Identify the right tissue and get the right treatment and watch your pain end quickly and your quality of life return just as fast. Address your pain when it is just a little stream not when it has carved the Grand Canyon and destroyed your life to the same degree!

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