A Shout-out to all medical practitioners who might be interested in the Yass method!

If you are a nurse, primary care physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist or other specialist and feel that your educational background has let you down in terms of your ability to properly diagnose and treat your patients’ pain and you are looking for something new, I hope you will give the Yass method a chance. I have been approached by medical practitioners in all of these areas with the interest in understanding how the Yass method works to properly diagnose and treat pain. They are all frustrated with the existing model of diagnosing through MRI and have recognized its flaws and shortcomings.

Let me just say that I embrace all who are seeking more information about how to help their patients end their pain and get their quality of life back. I have treated patients with morphine pumps, spine stimulators, addicted to prescription pain medication or told there is nothing left that can be done for them. This is gut wrenching to me and I provide an open hand to any practitioner who sees the light that is the Yass method and wants to joint in my quest to make it the standard of care when diagnosing and treating pain.

I am now providing lectures to medical facilities and even to individual practitioners about the theory and application of the method. Please contact me if you are interested or belong to a facility or organization interested in why the Yass method makes so much sense and has a level of success which is unsurpassed.

www.mitchellyass.com, email: drmitch@mitchellyass.com

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