You are not alone in suffering with chronic pain!

Everyday millions of Americans and roughly a billion people around the world seek medical attention for their chronic pain. When the procedures and surgeries don’t work they think it is them that it is problem. It just hasn’t worked for them yet or maybe its in their head. What they don’t know is that it is not working for anybody.

In fact, it is not you that is the problem, it is the establishment and it’s inability to identify the cause of pain. I have had contact with way too many people who have had multiple surgeries and still think the next one is going to do the trick and resolve their pain. They are not allowing themselves the option to believe and accept that it is the system and the method that is broken and regardless of how many surgeries or procedures you get, you will not have your pain resolved.

You must wake up to the reality that hundreds of millions are suffering with unending chronic pain for a reason; it’s the method by which the cause is diagnosed. It is the same worldwide; the baseless use of the MRI. You have programmed for 30 years to believe that herniated discs, stenosis , arthritis, pinched nerves, meniscal tears and the alike are similar to cancer and require medical attention simply because they are identified. This is a scam; a fallacy. It can be seen by every medical fact whether theoretical, clinical or scientific. These structural variations are like wrinkles and although are structural variations from the norm, create absolutely no symptom and require no intervention.

The real cause of pain in most cases is muscle. The true theory about why people have pain is because you live in a gravitational environment. Your muscles must create enough force to perform your tasks or they will strain and emit pain, refer pain, cause misalignment of joint surfaces leading to joint pain or impinge on nerves and cause the nerves to refer symptoms. Ultimately in 95 to 98% of cases, the cause is muscular.

You will keep getting the same treatment and the same results worldwide until a demand is heard from the worldwide population that they reject the existing medical model and now will only accept the Yass method. You should be enraged that the medical system is the only industry where failure is rewarded. Your surgery fails to resolve your pain but the surgeon still gets paid. They then create a new diagnosis, “failed back surgery syndrome” to allow another surgery to be performed and when it fails, they get paid again. All the procedures all the surgeries, all the doctor’s visits and you still have pain and yet hundreds of billions of dollars are paid out. Why would the existing system ever want to change?

The Yass method interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the very tissue in distress that is emitting the very symptoms being experienced. Just like the heart emits pain at the chest and the left arm, the kidney at the lower back, the lung at the upper back, muscles, bones and nerves do the same. The Yass method interprets the symptoms to properly identify the tissue in distress. If muscle, targeted progressive resistance strength training can be performed to achieve enough strength of the affected muscles to resolve the symptoms and achieve full functional capacity.

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