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Margie Abrams: For anyone in any kind of physical #pain or #chronicpain: Chances are that whatever your doctor told you is the cause is wrong. Here’s a shameless plug for Dr. Mitchell Yass. I injured my knee last August. Spent a month hoping it would go away. Spent 3 months (and over $1,000!) doing physical therapy that did virtually nothing. Had a video consult with Mitch and showed improvement from the very first session. I’m able to do exercise routines again that I hadn’t been able to do since last summer! Today, did a video consult with my mother, Rita Edelston, who has been complaining for a long time about knee pain (and was told the next step was knee replacement) and who walks like a drunkard because of her sway. Again — dramatic improvement just from this first session! (She just told me that her knee is MUCH less painful!!!!) Mitch has an unusually deep understanding of body mechanics — and looks at the whole person, not just the injury, to determine the root of the muscle weakness/imbalance. (My PT totally missed the root cause of my issue — my left knee pain was caused by weakness in my right hip/glute.) Here’s a link to Mitch’s most recent book (or PM me if you are interested in doing a private consult; will be the best money you spend on pain relief).


Rae Lane: I struggled for over 6 years with burning pain. 5 different medical professionals diagnosed it as hamstring tendonitis. I was given many injections (PRP, prolotherapy, dry needling). You could say I tried EVERYTHING. When nothing phased the pain, I was told surgery was my only option. That is until I met Dr. Mitchell Yass. Within 5 minutes, he correctly diagnosed the SOURCE of my “injury”. He prescribed 5 exercises which I did faithfully. In 6 weeks, I was PAIN FREE. I believe Dr. Yass can help anyone. He is a God-send!!


Jill Tipton: Yay! I couldn’t be happier about this! I am a walking testimony and I tell everyone I can about him! He gave ME the tools to allow my body to heal itself and avoid surgery!!


Nancy Chere: I am a licensed Nurse Practitioner. Five days ago I substained an acute injury playing tennis to my IT band on my right knee. I was in terrible pain and couldn’t weight bear. I thought “there goes my tennis for the season!” Then I saw Dr. Yass two days after the injury, to my amazement I walked out of the office absolutely pain free! By five days after the initial injury I was back to playing tennis! I can not say enough about his professional manner and his lightening speed results! I will always see him for any of my pain issues and have encouraged my friends to do the same! Gratefully yours, Nancy Chere APRN


After 25 years of producing information through books, a PBS special, blogs, articles and videos I think it has come a time where providing more information becomes a bit redundant and a switch in direction may be needed. If you require a theoretical understanding as to why the Yass Method is completely outside the medical system in its ability to diagnose the cause of pain through the use of interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms versus the medical system’s blind interpretation of diagnostic tests there is unlimited areas to get this information. If you want to understand the theoretical basis as to why chronic pain exists in this day and age and yet never before in the history of mankind, I have provided this on more then one occasion. If you want to know why in more than 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular based and not from structural variations identified at the same time the pain is being elicited from muscle, please seek the answer from the information I have provided. If you want to understand why every medical modality including the illogical use of stem cells, plasma therapy, prolotherapy, epidural nerve blocks, cortisone shots, radiofrequency ablation and of course the usual treatments of adjustments, physical therapy, acupuncture, medication and surgery have left you in pain just reach out and you will see I have answer this as well.

Now I think it is time for you to hear from some of those who have tried all the garbage the medical system has to offer. They learned that their pain was not from a medical issue but a fitness issue; muscle weakness or imbalance leading to straining and pain because the force requirements of their activities were greater then the force output of the muscles performing the activities. Here are 4 people’s testimonials. I will continue to present these through written and video media. The facts are the facts when it comes to the cause of pain. You need the right diagnostic model to identify which tissue is in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced. The MRI is baseless and invalid. The Yass Method of interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress uses the body’s natural means of trying to make you aware of which tissue is in distress so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue. Once this occurs the tissue no longer has to emit the signal and it ceases. Chronic pain should never exist and only does because the wrong tissue is identified and treated leading the tissue in distress to remain in distress and continue to emit the emergency distress signal of pain (or other symptoms). If you don’t think that the Yass Method is completely different from any other form of diagnostics and treatment, listen to these people. If you think doing a couple of key exercises is to easy and can’t possibly resolve your pain, listen to these people. If you think you have to live in pain because you have tried “all” alternatives, listen to these people. If you have had surgery or are addicted to prescription pain medication and think there is no help, listen to these people.

For more information or to make an appointment for an in-person or Skype session, you can reach me at my email:  drmitch@mitchellyass.com.


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