Simply put, pain at the neck, back or extremities will mostly result from irritation of bone, nerve or muscle. The only way to get a correct diagnosis for the cause of your pain is to use a method capable of diagnosing all three of these as potential causes. The reality of the existing system is that no diagnostic test nor medical profession is capable of achieving this goal.

The MRI is incapable of identifying any of the most common muscular causes of pain. A muscle spasm can not be identified. A muscle strain cannot be identified. A muscle that refers pain to another location cannot be identified. A muscle that strains and impinges on a nerve that refers pain to another location cannot be identified.

This accounts for a least 80 to 90% of cases of pain. The American College of Physicians ruled out the use of the MRI to identify the cause of lower back pain because they determined that in 85% of cases of lower back pain, the pain could not be attributed to a spinal abnormality like a herniated disc or stenosis. They discribe this pain as “non specific”. It is “non specific” because muscle deficits do not show up on the MRI. Dr. Aaron Filler created the MRN (magnetic resonance neurography), a higher powered MRI. He determined in 93% of cases the cause of sciatic is the piriformis muscle in the gluteal region impinging on the sciatic nerve. The Cleveland Clinic stated “Most back pain is muscular”.

There is no medical professional trained to identify the cause of pain as being muscle, bone or nerve. Each is trained in their own isolated area of expertise. If the cause of your pain falls outside the rhelm of their understanding, you are sure to get an incorrect diagnosis.

The Yass Method as presented in the Pain Cure Rx looks at the body’s presentation of symptoms and with a few simple tests can identify which tissue is emitting the pain; bone, nerve or muscle. If the cause of pain is found to be muscular, it provides the proper exercises to correct the muscular deficit so the cause is resolved and pain simply ceases. If the exsercise routine is maintained, the pain will not return.

Certainly, this information will come as a surprise to many. It is hard to imagine that the existing medical establishment is incapable of properly diagnosing the cause of your pain. When you look at the technology and level of education that medical professional have, it is hard to imagine that they can not identify the true cause of pain. The fact is that the existing educational system continues to promote outdated concepts about how pain is created and how to identify the origin of the pain.

The Pain Cure Rx is a vision of the future. It is simply in the preposition that the body provides symptoms to help guide the medical professional to understanding what is causing the pain. The body wants the cause resolved to bring it back to normalcy. The method used interprets the body’s presentation so the right tissue can be identified. And all possible causes of pain are determinable with the system.

I hope all will see the Pain Cure Rx as what it is; YOUR method for diagnosing and treating YOUR pain.