You can get the $1,000,000 answer to how to resolve your chronic pain by getting The Yass Method

I have the million dollar answer to resolving your chronic pain and it will only cost you $200. That’s all it cost to get a Yass method zoom session so you can get the right diagnosis and right treatment.

chronic pain

Why are you all still having chronic pain?

You are all out there searching for the right treatment thinking you have the right diagnosis because you’ve obtained an MRI. This is the million dollar answer. You don’t have the right diagnosis because the wrong tissue was identified. That is why all the treatments performed to date have failed.

In more than 98% of cases the cause of pain is muscle. These types of causes do not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. That is why The Yass Method was created. It provides an alternative means of diagnosing the cause of pain by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms which is key to understanding what tissue is in distress eliciting those very symptoms.

What do you have to do to be out of chronic pain?

All it takes to end your chronic pain TODAY is to schedule a Yass Method zoom session by going to my website: to schedule a zoom session so treatment can be obtained in the comfort of your own home at a time you choose. Clicking on the link sends you to the zoom sessions page. Here you will find out how the sessions work and what to expect.

You will find testimonials from people who have used The Yass Method virtually to resolve their pain and return them to full function. Many peopl;e are hesitant to believe that quality treatment can be obtained virtually. I am here to tell you it can be.

The sessions start by discussing your history to understand things like what brings your symptoms on and what makes them better plus other questions including where your pain is, how long you have had it. The goal is to understand the origin of the pain. Then physical tests are performed including looking posture and movement. From here we can decide whether the pain is muscular as I have determined it is in more than 98% of cases. Once established as muscular, identifying the specific muscles responsible for the cause is completed.

Now a true diagnosis has been achieved because the answer of what tissue is creating the symptoms is not only determined but also what tissues are not creating the symptoms. This makes the diagnoses much more accurate with a much higher level of sureness.

Now a very specific exercise regiment can be created to address the cause of the symptoms. This is another key to The Yass Method. Most every other form of treatment that promotes exercise believes in strengthening all muscles as a generic basis. This is completely false. Only specific muscles have strained causing the symptoms and therefore only those specific muscles must be addressed.

Yass Method exercises are designed to fully isolate a muscle so the proper resistance can be applied to it by use of some form of resistance mechanism (free weights, machines or resistance bands). This is how to address the muscular cause of pain and this is very unique to The Yass Method.

chronic pain

If you want to learn more about The Yass Method, please check out my YouTube channel, Dr Mitchell Yass. There are great videos that show you how you can use The Yass Method to resolve pain from head to toe. Getting The Yass Method is the greatest investment you can make in your future; and it won’t cost anything near $1,000,000.

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