Taking the show on the road to Atlanta, Georgia.

Hello to All,

I have to be in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of June for a media appearance. While there, I felt it would be a great opportunity to treat some people suffering from pain who have been unable to resolve it. I am available for treatment June 28, 29, 30th, This is a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you would like to be treated, The treatments will consist of 3 days, two hours a day; so it will be 6 total hours of treatment over the 3 days. This is enough time to get a good understanding of the cause of the symptoms and if muscular to be able to provide treatment and perform exercises to resolve the symptoms. The end goal of treatment is to have you understand the cause of the symptoms, see a reduction in the symptoms and a complete understanding of how to perform the exercises to either resolve the balance of the symptoms if some still remain after the three days or maintain a full resolution of the symptoms if this is achieved during the three days.

If you are interested in getting treatment, you can contact my wife Lisa at treesoflife904@gmail.com. She handles all appointments for me and can answer any questions you might have regarding the treatments.

Hope to see you in Atlanta.

Best wishes,

Dr Yass

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