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In this time of the Conona virus, in-person treatment is avoided. But that does not mean a proper diagnosis and treatment can’t be achieved. For years i have been performing Skype sessions with people nationally and internationally because they couldn’t get the right diagnosis and treatment from any medical practitioner where they live.

This is not new to me. The reason for getting the Skype session still remains the same but now unknowing people simply can’t get the worthless care they have come to expect where they live. The best thing to come out of the Corona virus issue is the ending of elective surgeries which has delayed the butchery that is so widespread. Here is your chance to get tye right diagnosis and treatment before the existing medical system opens for business and the sheep are sent to slaughter again.

If the cause of your pain is muscular which i have proven it is in 98% of cases, you will be misdiagnosed and treated by the medical system which is what leads to chronic pain.

Get the right diagnosis and treatment through a Yass Method Skype evaluation and treatment. If the cause of your symptoms is confirmed to be muscular, you now have toe control to do the right exercises with the right resistance to end your pain and return you to full functional capacity.

Contact me at my email address: See this as a blessing and an opportunity to get on the right track to live your life on your own terms, not that of the failed medical system.

Watch this video to see how a Skype evaluation and treatment can help implement the Yass method without even being in the same room!