POOR POSTURE- #1 Reason For Neck Pain and Migraines- The Posture is a symptom just like the pain!

What this webinar entails

POOR POSTURE- This is second of my biweekly webinars presenting how the Yass Method addresses pain from head to toe. In this case, we are talking about pain at the neck, migraines and that often seen hump at the bottom of the neck. You will here the hump is the cause of the pain. This is complete lunacy.


The hump associated with the altered posture of the cervical/thoracic spine is actually a SYMPTOM just like the pain in the region of muscle weakness and imbalance. This can only be resolved through the appropriate means of strength training which is at the core of the Yass Method.

Now you will hear from those in the medical establishment that they can correct the posture issue and pain by manipulating the spine; false. You will here the best they can do is provide injections for life to mask the symptoms, false. You will hear this is associated with aging; false. You will hear that this is hereditary; false. You will hear there is nothing that can be done and you have to live like this forever; false.

This webinar will show you the evidence you need

This presentation will provide the overwhelming evidence as to the CAUSE of the symptoms; periods. It is easily correctable with the right understanding. It takes a little knowledge, a little effort and a little time and this you can be fully resolved; great posture, no pain and fully functional. You need the Yass Method or else you will get all the things I described above from the medical establishment.


If you have questions or think the Yass Method may be right for you and want to know more, contact me at my email address at : drmitch@mitchellyass.com. If you want to learn more about the Yass Method and are considering getting a Yass Method zoom session, please go to my website at www.livewithoutpains.com. The sessions are complete and include an evaluation and treatment.

The evaluation is designed to confirm the cause of the symptoms. In more than 98% of cases I have shown the cause to be muscular. If you fall into this category, then I will demonstrate a series of exercises and have you perform them under my supervision. The sessions are videotaped so you have this going forward to make sure you are doing things correctly and using the appropriate resistance to achieve your goals. 4 week follow up sessions are recommended.

If you would like to learn more about the Yass Method, you can go to my YouTube channel where you will find lots of great FREE content which explains how the Yass Method can resolve pain from head to toe. www.youtube.com/c/DrMitchellYass


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