Why being pain-free is so elusive with the medical establishment

Everyone has the right to be pain-free. To achieve the goal you need to get the right diagnosis. The medical establishment has shown an inability to resolve pain because it does not establish the right diagnosis through the use of diagnostic tests like MRIs. That is why all treatments fail subsequently. This was made obvious in the 2007 guidelines from The American College of Physicians who recommended MRIs not be used to identify the cause of lower back pain.

They performed a 20 year literature search of cases of lower back pain and determined that in more then 85% of cases people presented for treatment with what they described as “non-specific” lower back pain. The determined that the use of MRIs had no impact on outcomes and in fact led to unnecessary and costly treatments that did nothing to alter the pain.

More than 85% of patients who present to primary care have low back pain that cannot reliably be attributed to a specific disease or spinal abnormality (nonspecific low back pain [see Glossary]) (20). Attempts to identify specific anatomical sources of low back pain in such patients have not been validated in rigorous studies, and classification schemes frequently conflict with one another (21). Moreover, no evidence suggests that labeling most patients with low back pain by using specific anatomical diagnoses improves outcomes.

 Routine advanced imaging (computed tomography [CT] or magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]) is also not associated with improved patient outcomes (45) and identifies many radiographic abnormalities that are poorly correlated with symptoms (22) but could lead to additional, possibly unnecessary interventions (46, 47).

Why The Yass Method can get you pain-free


The Yass Method interprets the bodies presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting those very symptoms. In more than 98% of cases the cause is muscular. These types of causes do not show up on diagnostic tests and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. This is why you could have a hamstring strain creating pain in the knee and be diagnosed with a meniscal tear and told the only way to resolve your pain is through surgery.

You may be told that sciatica is the cause of the altered sensation in your leg and that surgery at the lumbar spine is the only way to resolve your symptoms. When in fact sciatica is the result of a muscle in the gluteal region called the piriformis straining and impinging on the nerve; a muscular cause creating a neurological symptoms. This could never be resolved by surgery. This is why more than 40 million people continue to suffer in the US alone with sciatica.

The Yass Method shows the connection between your symptoms and dysfunction. If your pain is associated with difficulty in performing an activity or task, this is the best indicator that the cause of the pain is muscular, not structural like a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis or a meniscal tear.

This is your chance to achieve your right to be without pain. Go to my website, and learn more about how The Yass Method is the path to a pain-free fully functional life. When you are ready, schedule a zoom session to get a proper diagnosis and if confirmed to be muscular the proper treatment to return you to a pain-free, fully functional life. Imagine that the path to a pain-free life can be obtained in the comfort of your own home at a time you select.

You deserve it and are entitled to expect this result. If you have questions regarding whether The Yass Method is right for you, you can contact me by email at:

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