If you receive either of these 2 diagnoses for neck pain, run the other way! Protect yourself

neck pain

Why the diagnosis counts in terms of ending your neck pain

Neck pain: As far as I am concerned my primary job and most significant responsibility is to protect the lay person from being manipulated into remaining in pain indefinitely so they can continue to receive treatment strictly because the proper measures have not been expended to achieve the proper diagnosis leading to the proper treatment.

The providing of these 2 diagnoses is exactly the kind of thing that allows this to perpetuate. It is critical to understand that a diagnosis requires to elements to be consider real and accurate. First a tissue must be identified in the diagnosis. The reason being that the diagnosis is designed to identify the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced. Without identifying the proper tissue, you can’t be treating the “cause” of the symptoms.

neck pain

Secondly, the symptoms being experienced must be identical to the symptoms that would exist if the identified tissue were to be in distress. This is where the wheels usually falls off when utilizing diagnostic tests like MRIs and it almost always ignored by the medical establishment when determining a diagnosis.

So if a meniscal tear at the knee was identified as the cause of pain around the knee cap, this would simply be impossible. The meniscus lies between the thigh bone and lower leg bone. The meniscus could only cause pain between those two bones at what is known as the joint space. The knee cap is part of a separate joint between the knee cap and thigh bone. Since it is a separate joint, structure of one joint can’t create pain at another joint.

If this were true then we could say that arthritis at the elbow could cause ankle pain. So if you received the diagnosis of meniscal tear for pain around the knee cap, this broke the second commandment of getting a proper diagnosis and any treatment for the meniscus could be guaranteed to do nothing for the pain around the knee cap including surgery.

Why are improper diagnoses provided regarding neck pain?

Neck pain: These two diagnoses breaks both commandments because no tissue is identified in the diagnosis and the goal of these diagnoses is to create acceptance that any type of symptom in the neck region is representative. Which is clearly insane. You need to understand the very specific symptoms because each one represents a different tissue. I believe they are used because as with much of the way the medical establishment is run, cultural acceptance of completely false premises has occurred.

Certain terms for things are accepted as legitimate when any simply attempt to break the term down shows it as being nothing more then a house of cards. I want people to understand that the only way they will ever resolve their pain is to get the right diagnosis, meaning identifying the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced. anything less than this is an injustice to those desperately looking to regain their footing in their lives.

neck pain

if time has passed and you are still in pain after you have given a practitioner time to do what they want, you must begin to ask yourself, “what is it that this person doesn’t know?” Not they are bad people, not that they are malicious but what in their education and training is preventing them from identifying the cause of my pain so it can be resolved.

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