Get a Yass Method zoom session and get the right diagnosis! Any treatment without it will fail!

Yass Method zoom session: Without a diagnosis, treatment is worthless!

When you get a Yass Method zoom session, the initial aspect of the session is designed to get the right diagnosis for the symptoms you experiencing. That is to say that we will establish which tissue is in distress eliciting your symptoms. You must understand that every symptom you experience is created by a tissue in distress and it is eliciting the symptom/s to create conscious awareness of it’s distress so you will perform an intervention to resolve the distress.

Once the distress is resolved, the tissue no longer has to elicit the emergency distress signal and it ceases. So before any treatment should be performed, the tissue in distress must be identified. Each tissue creates a specific series of symptoms. For instance, the heart creates pain at the chest and left arm, the lungs create difficulty breathing and upper back pain, the brain makes one side of the body go dead.

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Each tissue creating specific symptoms to help identify it as the tissue creating those very symptoms. Muscle, bone and nerve work exactly the same. You need to interpret the symptoms to identify which is in distress so the right intervention can be performed. If you think the MRI identifies the tissue in distress, you are unfortunately misguided and will find out the hard way that you are treating the wrong tissue thereby allowing the tissue in distress to remain in distress thereby leading to indefinite chronic pain; how many of you are there looking for a solution for your pain because you are in this category?

Only you can decide to move forward to getting a Yass Method zoom session

You have to think on your own and make your own decisions beyond what the medical establishment is willing to propose as the right way to address your symptoms. It is no accident that nearly 1 billion people suffer from chronic pain globally. I am providing a mechanism to get the right diagnosis by utilizing the very means by which the body works. The ball is in your court now. If this makes sense to you then you owe it yourself to schedule a Yass Method zoom session.

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The sessions have been used for people internationally to the right diagnosis and therefore the right treatment to end their pain allow them to return to the full functional lifestyle everyone has the right to have. Go to the website, click on the link and start your path to reclaiming your life. If you would like to contact me to see if the Yass Method is right for you, do so by email at

If you want to make a Yass Method zoom session appointment, go to You can see how the sessions work and what to expect and when you are ready, schedule an appointment for the day and time that works best for you.

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